Below are some of Lucas’ ebooks that have escaped into the wild. Feel free to drop by his other e-home if you like the sound of anything.


A short story collection.

Thirteen voices from the borderlands:

  • A damaged Vietnam veteran struggles to understand the moon landing
  • An avid materialist rages against glorious new life
  • A coward speaks with a homeless man
  • A lost suit recounts religious experiences
  • An omnipotent narrator fails to unravel a murderer’s life
  • Death threatens the nihilism two old friends live by
  • A grieving man walks through his wife’s garden towards the sunrise
  • A conscientious objector and a combat veteran meet, each hoping the other can locate lost parts of themselves
  • A gang of teenage untouchables go in search of creatures more alien than themselves
  • A drought-stricken man doubles down on shaky hope
  • Lost souls in search of angels congregate beneath heaven
  • A nomad of the digital netherworld tries to find his way back via Mary, a single ex-mother and the anchor of his delusions
  • A pair of unemployed, middle-aged women try to destroy a system that almost broke them


TheUtopians 2ndcover

A novella.

James and Damien are trapped in tedious, teenage suburban existences. Both would give everything to make their imagined futures—and freedom—arrive faster.

Their paths are about to collide with a mysterious girl with moonlit eyes who, for a horrifying instant, is burning brilliantly above the grey like a comet falling to earth.

Her trajectory points to oblivion; her wake is strewn with victims. She will immerse them in a cycle of violence and terror that could destroy their hopes and sanity.

James and Damien are part of us all. We were all utopians, once.


A novella.

Earth, 147 years after the voluntary dissolution of the World Government. Humankind exists in a technologically-enabled state of nature, completely and utterly free.

As the Code states, the child of freedom is madness. And that child has come of age: a splinter group of radicals draws close to the worldcortex Origin, intent on rewriting the Code that prevents humankind’s final descent into murderous anarchy.

The radicals believe the Code to be the source of the manifold evils that infest their dying world. They could very well be wrong.