Lucas Grainger-Brown is a Melbourne-based writer and PhD candidate.

His work has appeared in Australian Book Review, Meanjin, Going Down Swinging, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Arena Magazine, Pursuit, Antithesis, Election Watch, Voiceworks, New Matilda, Right Now, Above Water, Farrago, FIRST, Writer’s Bloc, Young Diplomat, Independent Australia, Offset and Burley. His essays have been shortlisted for the Horne Prize and the Fair Australia Prize.

Lucas is completing a doctorate in political theory at The University of Melbourne, focussing on the Brexit referendum and its implications for contemporary democracy. He holds degrees in politics/international relations, editing, business and accounting and has worked in numerous professional fields. Lucas has provided political commentary for ABC News, ABC Radio, Sky News, and Nine News.

Lucas is passionate about politics, independent media, philosophy, history, travel and companion animals (shout out to our two cool cats, Gandalf and Dumbledore).


You can reach Lucas via: thedailycatcher(at)gmail(dot)com. All feedback welcome.